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It's no secret that bank traders move the markets. And in order to beat them at their own game, you need to be able to think like they do - as well as have a thorough understanding of the tools and strategies they use. Once you can anticipate the key levels they are watching, you will be equipped to stay one step ahead.

Learn how to feel confidence instead of fear when you look at charts, how to achieve consistent results, avoid common trading mistakes, and stay in your trades longer to realize their full potential. Regardless of whether markets are trending, ranging, or reversing, you will learn how to spot the low-risk, high-probably entries, as well as how to avoid the false moves which tempt and trap so many others.

Join leading fund manager and trading coach Andrei Knight (author of "Trading Forex for a Living" and founder of fxKnight.com) for this intensive 4-hour workshop which will revolutionize the way you approach the markets.

In this workshop, you will learn:

Lesson 1: Moving Averages
Find out how this "simple" indicator can help add clarity to your trading and help you understand the big picture of where price is coming from and where it is most likely headed next.

Lesson 2: Fibonacci
Fibonacci need not be difficult! Learn a simple ABCD pattern which can easily be used to trade news spikes, long-term positions lasting several months, and just about everything in between.

Lesson 3: Pivot Points
A favorite of bank traders, this indicator helps you identify the most likely price levels for reversals.... but only if you know how to calibrate them correctly!

Lesson 4: Candlestick Patterns
Learn to anticipate where price is likely headed next using the only 6 candlestick patterns you ever need to know. Just about every other formation you'll run across is a variation of these basic 6.

Lesson 5: Confirming with Indicators
Not all indicators work in all situations. Learn how to avoid "analysis paralysis" by knowing which indicators work best under which market conditions, as well how to spot the signs that those conditions may be changing.

Lesson 6: Finding Your Entry
Put it all together and learn how to spot the strategies to the 3 different types of entries: trend-following, range, and counter-trend, as well as how to fine-tune your timing.

Lesson 7: Setting Your Stops
The "Smart Stop" System will help you tighten your stops without adding risk. You will be shown how to choose stops that are appropriate for each unique situation, as well as how to lock in your profits as the price moves in your favor.

Lesson 8: Sizing Your Positions
The best trading systems in the world will let you down if you do not apply proper Money Management. Take the guesswork out of sizing your positions, and learn rules which will scale to any size trading account.

... and much more.

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