Risk Warning

Trading in the global financial markets involves a high level of risk. Investors should be willing and able to bear the financial and economical consequences, and trade only with designated risk capital, the loss of which would not in any way interfere with their lifestyles.

Trading on margin is very risky and it is only appropriate for sophisticated investors who understand the financial risks surrounding this type of trading. Trading on margin bears the risk of losing all your capital.

Foreign exchange (forex) trading is risky. The high degree of volatility within the foreign exchange market, particularly within the intraday market, as well as the ability to leverage your positions means that losses can be quick and significant. It is possible to lose your total investment.

The low margin deposits normally required in currency trading (typically 1% of the value of the contract purchased or sold) allows an extremely high leverage degree. Accordingly, a relatively small price movement in a contract may result in immediate and substantial losses for the investor. In certain markets, like other leveraged investments, any trade may result in great losses.

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Knight Media Group will not be held legally or morally responsible for trading decisions made by investors on their own trading account. We will not be responsible to compensate for any lawsuit on loss, expenses, costs, and/or damages resulting from trading in the international markets.

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