RANsquawk: Get Your News FIRST!

Get Your News FIRST!

♦   Reduce your costs -
Professional market news wires can cost thousands per month, plus carry additional fees for each exchange and news service you subscribe to. RANsquawk delivers breaking news and economic announcements from 24 sources - all starting at 100/month!

♦   Fundamentals and technicals -
You cannot possibly watch it all. Be alerted when news breaks, important economic reports are released, or when gold, oil, and currencies reach key levels

♦   Be the first to know -
Sometimes Bloomberg beats Reuters by a few seconds, sometimes Reuters beats Bloomberg. Regardless of who wins the race to release the numbers, you'll be among the first to know as RANsquawk sources its information from ALL the news providers

♦   There when you need it -
Covering both European and US sessions, and only breaking in when there are significant developments to report. No background noise when you need to concentrate

♦   Keep your focus on where it should be - your trades

We watch the news & fundamentals
So you don't have to

RANsquawk: Watching the News So You Don't Have To

Listen in Now!

Now you can listen to the Forex channel completely free of charge!

Tune in right now at http://www.fxpro.co.uk/news/audio-news

Please visit http://fxknight.ransquawk.com for other channels, including: stocks, commodities, US treasury comments, ECB comments, & more!

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