What our clients and students are saying...

"After three years of trading, this is the first time I have felt moved to write a review about a forex service."

"The results were amazing! Literally hundreds of pips on a single pair in a day . . . Its like having the combination to the safe thats filled with money . . . by the way, I have only been live trading a few months"

"Iam so lucky you taught me 2 succeed - with your program ive generated $2871 in 21 days!"

"I've been trading for over 16 years and have had good success trading (stocks, commodity) 3yrs ago I got into Forex but could not find a trading method that worked. Started using your Fib. ABCD method and have taken my account from $5000.00 up to about $14,000.00 in about 39 trading days. Thank You Black Knight, You are the real thing!!!!!!"

"I have subscribed to FxKnight and it is fantastic! If you can join I would highly recommend it. I had never traded before and I have done so well. Andrei is a fantastic teacher and all the lecturers are great."

"The last teachers that I spent a year with were happy with +10 pips a week, taught me discipline and patience, which I thank them for, but with BK I average +100- +300 a week ....wow is so understated."

"Had to post again, as achieved +211 last Friday and +342 today, Monday, excellent training!"

"just wanted to say you have added so much to my trading, a huge thanks, great instuctor and great system"

"Andrei and his team have taken my trading well into the 3 figure. I now use longer timeframes and take over 100 pips each winning trade. Its like someone selling you a money making machine for well the money you just printed. Other teachers are strutting their stuff for way more, making fxKnight a very good deal. Due to fxKnights training I no longer get up and go to work. I put in the work. I followed every word (I think) and it paid off."

"He's the best coach out there, not just for Forex, but one of the best motivational teachers, who is always an inspiration to listen to. He's centered, focused & clear."

"The personal support given by BK, the instructors and Pro room members is exceptional."

"a HUGE thank you for the support and guidance you give, teaching with purpose and enthusiasm. You're a great teacher and it is much appreciated! I am very grateful to be in your classes and under your mentorship and so glad to have found fxKnight :-)"

"I spent three months with BK while learning his Fibonacci based trading method. Ever since I'm more profitable in my daily forex trading and got a much better understanding of the market than before. I can recommend him to everybody! I only wish I had discovered his course one year ago."

"The step by step explanations of how to do the analysis is really helpful. It is no doubt the best mentor program I have ever attended for the last 2 years. I feel lucky to be one of your students."

"I was in many seminars in London and other cities. Took some institutional trading courses. I learned more in 4 months with BK. In my eyes u r one of the best mentors."

"I am impressed with Black Knight's insight into the market game, we have a real professional here."

"Great videos. Regards, Varengold Bank"

"This guys the real thing. If you want to trade for a living he will give you a chance. He's a straightforward, sincere guy."

"I am so happy to have some one open minded and skilfull like you as an advisor. You are my lucky comet sign my friend."

"Using both your techniques I made 112 pips on the GBP/JPY using your signals and 49 pips on the GBP/USD. I was just telling you today how I made only 10-15 pips a day!"

"Thank you for offering your strategies, and for your clear explanations."

"Its an exciting time, and for the first time in a while I'm feeling confidence in my trading and its all thanks to you :) "

"You are a GOD send my friend...and I mean that"

"1 month ago when i first started with you i was on 5 - 10 pips a day and then loosing them the next. Now i do on average 50 pips a day!"

"The last 2 weeks I took 23 trades: 17 winners and only 6 loosers. Together: +393 pips. I cant believe it if I look at my excel sheet. Thank you for teaching us the right thing: how to fish."

"143 pips in a single trade... no prior experience with Fibs."

"Attending class for about 5 weeks now... just made 369 pips in a single trade!"

"3 weeks in the Pro Training changed my trading life to the right side."

"BK, I want to thank you. Made $2640.00 yesterday, and another $1640.00 today. Love forex, best thing next to sex."

"fxKnight Has really been a help to me. It has enabled me to dramatically increase my accuracy and ability to trade Safer, and Fine tune my Trade points with the Precision of a Surgeons Knife. Trading his style has pushed me to make $100,000 last month, And 150% In the last 4 days Alone IN REAL HARD CASH."

"Kudos to you on teaching people what really works in trading. I said to myself he's the real deal and people should listen to him. Please keep up the good work and thanks for your contribution to society."

"This was my BEST ever investment in my life."

"You and your service have over delivered on your promise."

"For someone who had never traded anything more important than a baseball card, to put into words the full measure of all that I have learned from you is tough. I do know this though, this time last year I barely even knew what the Forex market was. Now I have had mornings where I entered a trade before I left my house for work, and then ckeck the charts later in the day only to find that I had made 200 pips! And I've done that more than just once or twice. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU"

"I want to thank you most sincerely for your mentorship - it was just excellent!!"

"Hope you are having a great weekend... rest assured I am having one thanks to you and your outstanding team"

"STOPPED OUT RIGHT AT TARGET!!! 8,200$$$ Profit!! BK, you are IT!!!"

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The views and opinions expressed in the ads, website links and resources listed on this page are not controlled by the Referring Broker, fxKnight.com or the FCM, nor are they responsible for their availability, content, or delivery.